Exploring Zion National Park

Date: 11/5/2015 - 11/8/2015

Type: Canyoneering, Hiking, and Exploring

I would just like to say for those who have never been to Zion, or never seen pictures of Zion, or never read articles about Zion, Zion is one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest! Every time I go there, I find myself questioning why are we doing all these physical activities, when we should just be taking in the views. But you know what? There is a way to make time for both.

We always seem to leave Zion beat tired, and sometimes a bit beaten down, but always glad we packed in everything that we did.

Canyoneering in Keyhole Canyon - With ice covering the standing water, wetsuits were a must (and a minimum).

The first plunge into icy cold water was almost unbearable, and it seemed to get colder from there. Next time we do it in June!

Narrows from the top (brr hrrr hrrrrrr)...

The first thing you may notice is that there are no pictures from our hike down the Narrows. Well, I think I can speak for the whole group when I say that taking pictures seemed to be the last thing on our minds. A few of us were suffering pretty badly from the cold, or at least our feet were. I am struggling with what I am about to say, since it may start to give people a little insight into my psyche, but I need to tell you that when the guys at Zion Adventure Company strongly recommend wearing their canyon shoes and neo booties, take them up on it. You see, I didn't. I think I spent as much time sitting on my butt warming my feet as I did actually hiking. I jokingly bragged that we would be back at camp by 3:00, but after my third warming session, I started to doubt even making it back for the last shuttle. I began contemplating spending an unplanned night in the canyon and wondering why I keep having the same contemplations over and over.

Anyway, the water warmed as we got further down into the canyon and we even all made it to the shuttle spot with an hour to spare! Thanks to Eric for joining me in the frozen foot suffer-fest, and thanks to Andrew for staying with the last man (me), although my guilt levels were rising, it was nice to not be alone. Rent the boots! 

Angels Landing - up the spine...

This is why you do not leave food or trash out in the open...

Tips and Tricks
  • The Narrows in November is very, very cold. Don't pass on the dry suit and boots and booties.
  • Watchman Campground (Reserve America, Map, etc...)
  • South Campground
  • The Quality Inn RV Park (In a pinch)

See you out there!