About Me

Back in 2009, after years of physical decline, I began my quest to improve my health and fitness. Realizing that everything that I had done in the past, eventually led to failure, I opened my mind to new approaches and techniques. After developing a long-term approach, a lifestyle, that I felt comfortable with, I began studying longevity. I soon realized how interrelated the two areas are. Everything that promotes health over the long-term also promotes an extended lifespan (with a few tweaks).

This personal transformation took place while I was rediscovering my love for adventure in the outdoors. Discovering new places with new people, sometimes far from the beaten path, gave me a whole new perspective of what was out there waiting to be explored. With so much lying ahead of me and my 50th birthday approaching rapidly, my lifespan and more importantly, my healthspan took on a new level of importance.

While all the pieces were falling into place nicely, and my new path in life was beginning to unfold in front of me, there was one lingering section of pieces, a void if you will, that was acting like an anchor keeping from moving forward - my past. All of the stuff, all the baggage, from my past would need to be addressed and dealt with before I could make further progress down the path I was creating for myself. This inevitably led to a period of self-reflection, and ultimately, self-improvement that continues to this day.

My final realization was that all that I was going through, was not much different than what everyone else was going through. We all have a level of programming from our past that has placed roadblocks in our way, keeping us from living the life that we would choose for ourselves.

My goal is to humbly share what I have discovered and continue to discover - that there is an irrefutable and interrelated connection between the areas of health and fitness, longevity, happiness and contentment, self-improvement, and nature and the outdoors. Ultimately integrating them all into a single way of living - The Adventure Life Project.

Jim Hobbs
Fellow explorer on this new path