Adventure and Play

Adventure and Play

Would you rather run up a humongous sand dune, or run around the block?

Would you rather climb a mountain, or climb the Stair Master?

The Basic Laws of Human Nature

Basic Laws of Human Nature

As individuals, there are certain ideals and beliefs that we consider so important that they make up the very essence of who we are. These are the personal values that are under our direct control and determine our character.

But there is another set of rules that we have a lot less control over. These rules seem to override our personal values a majority of the time and usually are the root cause of most situations, both good and bad, that we find ourselves in. These are laws of human nature that we are either born with, or they are instilled in us so early in life that they might as well be innate. These laws not only contribute to what we believe in but what drives our behavior.

When we struggle to understand why we do certain things, even self-destructive things, the answer may not be readily explainable, but if we dig deep enough in search of a reason, we will usually end up at one of the following Laws of Human Nature:

Humans Ultimately Desire Happiness

It can be said that everything we humans do is ultimately to be happy. Everything we desire, while having some value on the surface, can be broken down into further chunks of reasons why until we can't break it down any further and we end up at the root desire, which is to be happy.

Now the Aesthetics from the teachings of Buddhism might be the exception to this rule, since they gave up any and all pleasures and in the process may have given up the human desire to experience happiness. But even the Buddha might argue that the Aesthetics may have given up the very thing that makes us human. But don’t quote me on that.

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