Exploring The Anza Borrego Mud Caves

I have been going out to these caves at least once a year for the past 10 or so years and I never fail to have an awesome time. It is always a great opportunity to play, explore, and even find a way to test our ability to overcome a little fear (only if the thought of getting stuck, wedged into a small pitch-black crevice a hundred feet below the surface and hours away from any professional rescue team could induce a little fear).

The mud caves are a series of caves created from the erosion and refilling of deep tunnels so thin, that you have to squeeze through most, and some on your hands and knees, and some even require belly crawling. I could go in for a while trying to give you a visual of what these structures are like, but I still don’t think you would get the true picture, so instead I will just share some images and videos from the adventure.

I would like to take this moment to apologize for taking the group on the sketchiest cave first. It really is best to work your way up to these things.

First, make sure you have your keys. Second, let someone (like Dan) lead the way on the more questionable caves.

Then a little rope climb...

Then squeezing through a tight space (I didn't realize that I get a little louder when I'm in a tight space)...

Then it was time to get out...

Another Tight Spot (I think this is Dan)...

Lorette and Julie in another tight spot...

Followed by Joseph and Therry (sporting the latest in floodlight technology)...

Last but not least, me. And I'm pretty dirty...

I would just like to reiterate, that this is one of my favorite local adventures. It is a playground for adults as well as kids. If you are careful, there is really no danger. I think. Here are a few tips if you decide to head out there:
  • Go between November and March (at the latest) - this was in April and it started getting a bit hot (88 degrees).
  • Where some old clothes, very old, and be prepared to get really dirty.
  • Bring some clothes to change into after, it makes for a little better ride home.
  • For the drive out there, I recommend a high clearance vehicle (although I have seen a civic make it out there).
  • And have fun!!!
Oh, here's a map to get you out there.

You can find the full video on our YouTube channel -

Take care and see you at the next one!
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