Strength Training's Effects on Longevity

Aging’s Effects on Our Musculoskeletal System

When we are born, our muscular and skeletal systems undergo growth at an incredible rate during infancy, followed by a second growth spurt at puberty which lasts through most of our adolescence. This growth occurs naturally in the absence of any limiting factors. Once we reach adulthood, this natural growth rate reaches its peak and within a few years begins its long, steady decline.

After reaching peak strength at around 25 years of age, our muscular system plateaus and then declines at a rate of about 3 to 5 percent per decade after the age of 30. This is known as Sarcopenia. This same time frame can be applied to bone density as well where, after it peaks, bone strength naturally weakens (a process known as osteopenia), and for many, leads to osteoporosis (a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural breakdown).

Intro to The Adventure Life Project

The Adventure Life Project is about living a fitter, stronger, healthier, longer, happier, more adventurous life. It’s not just about getting outside, but getting outside our box and expanding our comfort zone. It’s about facing challenges and overcoming fears that have blocked our path for way too long.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. The Adventure Life Project is a novel approach to developing a lifestyle that will not only allow us to not only live longer, but to live better by breaking down our “ideal” lifestyle into its core components - health and fitness, longevity, happiness, self-improvement, and living adventurously.