Live Like The Frenchy!

Live Like The Frenchy!
Jacques Houot is an 82 year old transplant from France, living the adventure life dream in Carbondale, Co. "The Frenchy" is an incredibly active man, not just for his age, but for anyone at any age. He downhill mountain bikes, he skis, he hikes, he exercises, he does anything that he considers a challenge. But he wasn’t always this active, not even close.

Living in Florida, he was a chain smoker, working 9 to 5, and living in an area that he described as “flat” (meaning he didn’t have reason to get his heart pumping). One day he had a heart attack and barely made it to the fire station. He survived, but barely.

“You have to have a strong carcass, otherwise everything will collapse.”

A few days later he was talking to his boss and said he didn’t know what to do. His boss gave him what he would call life-saving advice, he told him to quit smoking. That day he decided he would not only do that, but move somewhere close to the mountains. He chose Colorado. He started living the adventure life at the age of 52 and hasn’t looked back since.

Jacques words to live by:

“Be your own doctor, fix your own body, be positive.”

“Don’t be a poulet mouille (Don’t be a wet chicken).”

“The main thing is never give up. Don’t give up.”

“When you laugh, you add one extra hour to your life. I’m going to die very old. Because I love to laugh.”

Conclusion - Decide today if you want to end up like "The Frenchy", then commit. You're never too old to start.

See you out there!

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