Welcome to The Adventure Life Project

Welcome to The Adventure Life Project
The adventure life is about living a fitter, stronger, healthier, longer, happier, more adventurous life. It’s not just about getting outside, but getting outside our box and expanding our comfort zone. It’s about facing challenges and overcoming fears that have blocked our path for way too long. The adventure is out there waiting for us, but it is also inside us, deep inside us, and that exploration may be the most important adventure of all.

Go out as far as you can go and start from there. - Albert Einstein

We will take a look at what might be holding us back and keeping us from achieving the kind of life we deep down desire. Let's find out what's keeping our inner child from coming out and playing, because, deep, deep down, that's what we really want to do in life is play. I have seen it personally in myself and the one's that I have spent numerous adventure's with.

The adventure is almost always outside, but for me, there is another part of the adventure that is possibly the most important thing of all and that is personal growth and development. The adventures were always there, and I surely knew about them, but something was keeping me from going after them. There was always some excuse, there wasn't enough time, I didn't have the right gear, I wasn't in shape, I didn't know anyone interested in joining me, etc... But then one day I decided to make a change. Actually, that day was years in the making.

Around the same time I started seeking adventure in my life I also began looking inward. I took a long hard look at where my life was, where I had been, and where I was going and I saw quite a few things that I wasn’t happy with. And with all the things that I didn’t like, all the reasons for those things, and all the people that I blamed for those things, I noticed one common factor within each and every one of them. There was one person that had a hand in, every roadblock, every crappy career move, every unfulfilling relationship, and every negative situation in my life, and that person was me. Worse yet, not only was that person responsible for the path my life was on, but that person was going to have a hand in everything that I wanted to do in my future as well.

After many of these long and difficult looks in the mirror, I started to accept the idea that I was responsible for the negative stuff, and if things were going to change, I was the one, the only one, that could make those changes. But the cool thing is that, if I was responsible for the bad things, then I was and still am responsible for the good stuff as well. No one else is in charge of, or in the way of, me attaining the life I want to live.

So, I spent the years since, not just absorbing everything that I could find and everything that I could learn about outdoor adventure, but about becoming a better person as well. I wanted more adventure in my life, and I wanted to enjoy it with the wonder of a child, but with the appreciation of someone much older. But most importantly, I didn’t want a repeat of the previous twenty years. Once we start down this path, there is no turning back.

Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Although this has felt like a long journey, it really is just getting started. There are so many adventures to be had, and so much to explore, but the journey we take on within us is even more wonderous. So if, like me, you wish to become a better person (physically, mentally, and emotionally), or you’re just seeking new adventures, I would like to invite you to join me on this journey. It should be a wild one, or at least very interesting.

See you out there!